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Email: pallavi.anand-8AT8-open.ac.uk

Phone: +44 (0)1908 652225

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My research interest is in developing and applying biogeochemical tracers (proxies) to understand past changes in Ocean chemistry, physical parameters and foraminiferal ecology and their link to global palaeoclimate. My research focuses on:

  • development of geochemical proxies for past seawater chemistry and environmental parameters using biominerals
  • investigating oceanic processes such as monsoon intensity, ocean circulation, weathering intensity and flux on a geological time-scale
  • understanding marine bio-calcification, ocean acidification, seawater properties and marine biodiversity   

I provide training in sample preparation for deep sea mud, modern foraminiferal species identification, shell parameters measurement, bench chemistry (including foram chemical cleaning) for trace elements, oxygen and carbon isotopes measurements, ion exchange chromatography for isotopic measurements (e.g., Li and Nd) and support on the analytical instruments (ICPMS, MC ICPMS and Gas bench).

PhD projects and possibilities

I currently supervise two PhD students (Kate Salmon and Adele Cameron). These research projects involve understanding biocalcificaiton response due to ocean acidification and reconstructing ocean circulation during using ecological and geochemical proxies.

If you are interested in developing and discussing a PhD project on any aspects of my research interests then please do get in contact. I have proposals for projects in the following areas:

  • Planktonic foraminifera shell calcification processes, ecology and species diversity [in collaboration with Dr Tracy Aze, Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Dr. Jiles Miller, Natural History Museum London]
  • Development and application of geochemical proxies to understand past changes in ocean chemistry and seawater physical and biological properties (temperature, salinity, density, productivity etc) using biominerals (e.g., planktonic and benthic foraminifera, fish teeth and coral skeleton). [In collaboration with Dr. Maureen Conte, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences; Prof Henry Elderfield and Dr Aleksey Sadekov, Cambridge University.] 
  • Evolution of (a) Indian/Asian monsoon system (b) intermediate/deep water circulation and (c) weathering rate and pattern. [In collaboration with (a) Prof. Dick Kroon, Dr. Raja Ganeshram and Dr. Simon Jung, Edinburgh University; (b) Prof. Kevin Burton, Durham University and (c) Dr Sambuddha Misra, Cambridge University.]

Research placement scheme

We will be advertising a few research placement projects through Nuffield Research Placements for Schools and Colleges this year. Please get in touch with your nearest regional coordinator for application process.

Undergraduate Teaching

I teach a range of Earth Science disciplines including: Earth-life system in the modern and geological past, marine biogeochemical cycles, seawater chemistry and practical science (Water Quality Management). I am currently involved in producing teaching material for Science in Context.


Geochemistry Group (Geological Society, UK)


  • PhD (Cambridge University) on trace element geochemistry of planktonic foraminifera
  • MSc. (Banaras Hindu University) on application of benthic foraminifera in palaeoceanography

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