William Gosling

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Will has a full time position at the University of Amsterdam. He is a visiting academic at the Open University and is co-supervising several PhD students based at the Open University.


I am a palaeoecologist with specialist expertise in pollen analysis. I am involved with projects working in South America and Africa and have an international network of collaborators. The overarching aim of my research is to place on-going, and projected, environmental change within a long-term (>50 year) context; particularly with regard to poorly understood, but ecologically important tropical regions.

Current research projects I am involved with aim to:

  • Understand modern taxon distributions and their likely representation in the fossil record
  • Climate change and human impacts on hyper-diverse Amazonian ecosystems
  • Multi-millennial climate-vegetation dynamics in tropical West Africa


I have been involved in the running of various elements of the British Ecological Society since 2005 and am currently an elected member of Council and Chair of the Education Training and Careers Committee. I was also involved in the running of “Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll” science communication event to help celebrate the society's 100th birthday in 2013 (Sayer et al., 2014).

Sayer, E.J., Featherstone, H.C. & Gosling, W.D. (2014) Sex & Bugs & Rock n Roll: getting creative about public engagement. Trends in ecology & evolution, 29, 65-67 [dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.tree.2013.12.008]

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