Andreas Wernecke

PhD Student



Since October 2016 I am a postgraduate research student financed by the Open University where I am investigating the impacts of climate variables and used methods on predictions of the Antarctic ice sheet.

My main interest lies in the quantification of uncertainty of Antarctic ice sheet models which is directly related to sea level rise predictions. The increasing computational demands of those state-of-the-art models and astonishing little knowledge about the current state and dynamic behaviour of the ice sheet make a complete, brute force style examination of model setups infeasible. That is why we adopt statistical concepts to emulate an ice sheet model which will allow us to investigate its driving forces in a more efficient and systematic way. A better understanding of how the ice sheet is behaving would prove useful to infer its behaviour in the past, improve its representation in coupled climate models and would help to put a reliable error bar on future sea level rise predictions.

Tamsin Edwards, Neil Edwards, Mark Brandon, Philip Holden