Julie Harrald

PhD student

Email: julie.harrald-8AT8-open.ac.uk

I am a PhD student seeking to distinguish between tectonic and climatic controls on Jurassic sedimentation at the base of a fault scarp in NE Scotland. My work is funded by NERC through the CENTA Doctoral Training Partnership.

The coastline of north-east Scotland near the town of Helmsdale exposes a succession of spectacular mass flow deposits, from turbidites to rock fall breccias. These rocks were deposited in deep water on the downthrown side of the active Helmsdale Fault during the Upper Jurassic. Analysis of rocks from the same time period in southern England has shown that there was a strong regional climatic control on sedimentation at that time.

My research uses detailed sedimentology and palynology to see if a similar climatic signal can be detected in rocks that were deposited in an active tectonic setting. As well as furthering our knowledge of past climate change, this work can help further our ability to interpret mass flow deposits, which form both reservoir and source rocks for hydrocarbons.

MGeol Geology, University of Leicester (2003-2007)

Dr Angela Coe and Dr Luke Mander